Tender Loving CARE-avan weekend

Tandem Skydivers and First time jumpers: If you wish to make a tandem skydive give us a call at 330-977-7510. Our airplane climbs to 13,500 ft in less than 20 minutes. Have a large group? No problem. Ask us about our special group prices for this weekend only....
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Tandem skydiving for FREE!

Want to skydive for free?  All that you have to do is come to Cleveland Skydiving Center and bring 10 other friends with you to do a tandem skydive.  If you cant find 10 then lets shoot for 5 others.  If you bring 5 other friends with you to do a tandem skydive you...
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Tandem Skydiving $239.00

Take the fear and uncertainty out of your first skydive with a Tandem parachute jump. For all of you who have said “I’ve always wanted to make a parachute jump but I don’t know if I have the courage”, tandem jumping is for you. With only 20 minutes of instruction, you...
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